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A bit about my philosophy


I have spent the last 8 years of my life in higher education and I have seen the devastating impacts that institutions of higher learning can have on students of all ages. While these places are important spaces for innovation, learning, and personal growth, they can also be harmful spaces where boundaries are crossed, often in insidious forms that are rarely acknowledged. Transgressions occur all the time in these spaces and the inattention that is often paid to one’s health outside of the physical realm exasperates the negative impacts of these transgressions on a student’s well-being. 

 I have seen the damage that not paying enough attention to a student’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health has on students and I believe that all students, in one form or another, needs to heal from the everyday struggles they experience in higher education. Whether its something as common as stress due to an increasing work/study load or the unfortunate everyday traumas from gaslighting that many students of color experience, I believe that all students need to heal in some form or another in order to arrive at a place where true learning, academic success, and emotional wellness can all coexist

My approach emphasizes: active listening; social justice; empathy (towards others and especially the self); true inclusion in social spaces; cultural humility; and open spaces for vulnerability. While I strive for many of the values just listed, my approach is above all non-judgemental and respects individual authenticity. I offer personalized, one-on-one attention, support, and care in any area where students are experiencing difficulties or just need some more support in. 

My services are budget-friendly and intended to provide all students with a toolbox that they can refer to whenever they need help: applying for their dream college and program; studying for an important exam; submitting an article for publication; having difficult conversations with peers or superiors about microaggressions; achieving work/life balance; and any other barrier to living a fulfilling life. 

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