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Rocks of Balance


 “If I could just get through this application, exam, course, semester, year, or degree, then I will finally be happy.” 


Sadly, I have heard my students express these feelings all too often. As young adults in an increasingly competitive higher education field and job market, current and prospective university students face now more than ever serious mental health and work/life balance obstacles. As an academic coach, tutor, and healer, my goal is to help you find your balance in these institutions so you can live a fulfilling life where academic success and emotional wellness can both coexist. 


I have been through it all. The endless essays, countless applications, interpersonal conflicts and massive socio-economic hurdles. And I know first-hand not just how to survive it, but to successfully manage it so your creativity, passions, and personal relationships can all still thrive while accomplishing your academic goals. 


But getting the tools to arrive at your own unique work/life balance isn’t a one-size-fits-all. That’s why my highly personalized program offers services in four sectors: application support; academic coaching; tutoring; and student support and advocacy – all adaptable to meet your specific needs. 


I believe that our experiences in universities should be successful, enriching and, above all, enjoyable. Don’t settle for barely surviving each exam, course, semester, and year, academically or emotionally. Contact me today so we can work together to find where your balance lies on the road to academic and emotional success. 


I provide specialized attention, support, and care in the following areas:


School Application


Applying to college or graduate school can be daunting. With writing personal statements, studying for entrance exams, seeking out reference letters, along with all the other everyday tasks to complete, successfully submitting an application can seem almost impossible. I provide specialized one-on-one support with any and all aspects involved in the application process to ensure that your application is submitted successfully and on time while keeping up with your everyday life.


We have all experienced that moment of panic when you receive your courses’ syllabi and wonder how on earth you will have time to complete all required readings, assignments, and exams, along with maintaining a fulfilling personal life. I will work with you to come up with an action plan, one that makes time for friends, family, or whatever else that is important to you, to successfully complete all coursework while balancing your personal and professional goals.

Brainstorm to Success
Hand Writing


For better or worse, academia comes with its own language and written form of communication. Mastering the jargon and learning how to employ it in your own writing often takes years and can cause much stress. Working with you one-on-one, we will analyze and dissect academic texts (either assigned to you or provided by me) specific to your field of interest and develop a toolbox to strengthen your comprehension and identify ways in which you can employ what you read in your own writing. Especially with academic writing, practice makes perfect so regular, one to two page writing assignments will be a part of the tutoring process to improve academic writing skills.


College and graduate school isn’t, or shouldn’t be, all about good grades. With all the changes that comes with attending university, attention must also be paid to personal and professional issues and goals. Using my social justice-oriented and holistic approach, I will work with you in identifying areas in which you face adversity, what causes them, and the best ways in which we can work on them using resources within and/or outside of the university. I also provide support in professional development tasks like grant writing, networking, and scholarship applications. As a former international student to the US from Canada, I also provide expertise to international students on issues related to visas, work permits, and other areas to be on top of while studying from abroad. 


Image by Fabian Møller
Home: Lessons


I decided at the beginning of my 4th year at Western University that it was time to contact someone to assist me in my essay writing as many of my classes were essay based. I have always had trouble formulating my thoughts, especially when it comes to academic writing and have thus been a huge procrastinator when faced with writing tasks. I was instantly intrigued by Cami when I visited her website, as she acknowledged the stress and pressure undergraduate students are faced with. It was clear right away that Cami has dedicated herself to helping students overcome these battles, as she has a tremendous amount of experience through being a student and a TA herself.  Cami has been an absolute lifesaver to me. First and foremost, Cami’s writing is impeccable and she has without a doubt helped me become a better writer myself, through very detailed and elaborate commentary when editing my assignments. Our academic coaching sessions have assisted me in planning my time more wisely so that I can be more efficient and effective in completing work to the best of my abilities. Cami truly cares about her students and goes above and beyond to help them succeed. I have learnt so much from her, about life, school and even myself as a person, and I will continue to remember these lessons throughout the rest of my education and career. 

T.G., London, Ontario, Canada

I had been thinking about applying to Ph.D programs for about a year or so, and knew I needed some guidance with writing the statement of purpose. I then came across Cami’s page on social media, and really liked her holistic approach because the application process can become quite stressful; it was amazing having someone there to talk through thoughts and ideas, but also someone who empathized with the feelings that may arise throughout the application process. Since the first day, Cami was interested in getting to know the person behind the application which allowed for this writing mentorship I initially sought out, to evolve into an experience that was much more individualized. Cami always found ways to make me feel grounded when I felt out of control, and encouraged me as needed. I learned how to appropriately synthesize research findings, and weave in my personal story successfully in my writing; and I don’t think I would’ve done so without her guidance. She provided me with not just advice, but at times resources needed to further my ideas and enhance my application. Cami’s strong background in academia as researcher, student, and TA has provided her with unique insights into how higher education operates, and she made this knowledge very accessible. I ended up being accepted to not one but two great doctoral programs at prestigious universities in the US.  The level of support I found in Cami extended far beyond my expectations, and I am positive it will exceed all her future students’ expectations too. 

V.P., Newark, New Jersey, USA

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